Softchoice is a North American software-focused IT solutions provider. The company services SME, enterprise and public sector institutions offering solutions design, implementation, and asset management services, as well as access to technology distribution networks.

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Birch Hill’s investment thesis centred around buying a business with compelling historical cash flow generation in a high growth industry. Birch Hill also recognized the strength of Softchoice’s service offering that lead to high customer retention. In April 2013, Birch Hill reached an agreement to take Softchoice private.

ROI – Since 2017, Softchoice’s EBITDA more than doubled organically as the company continued to grow its sales engine, while consistently generating significant cash flow each year . In 2021, Birch Hill took Softchoice public on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker SFTC. To date, Birch Hill remains the controlling shareholder and is actively involved on Softchoice’s Board of Directors.

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