A unique approach to managing our own organization

Birch Hill has created a unique organization designed to promote the best of individual strength and team-work.

Broad perspectives

Our professional staff members come from diverse backgrounds in operations, law, consulting, engineering and investment banking.


Our investing partners value continuity in the relationship and we boast one of the most stable teams in the industry.

Team culture

While every investment has one or two lead professionals assigned to it, we keep the entire professional team involved in the process for each stage of an investment’s life. This preserves and grows the knowledge base from which each investment can benefit.

Personal commitment

The senior team of Birch Hill participate as investors and have made strong financial commitments of their own to the success of the enterprise.

Investment Professionals

Stephen J. Dent, Partner
Andrew J. Fortier, Partner
Paul R. Henry, Partner
Matthew B. Kunica, Partner
Félix-Etienne Lebel, Partner
John B. MacIntyre, Partner
Michael J. Salamon, Partner
David G. Samuel, Partner
Thecla E. Sweeney, Partner
Patrick G. Duncan, Principal
Neil C. McCarron, Principal
Anna Wu, Vice President
Nicholas Bigelow, Associate
Darren Cole, Associate
Andrew McIntyre, Associate
Katie Reese, Associate
Chris Voorpostel, Associate
Jordy Winkler, Associate

Portfolio Support

John Loh, Partner - Capital Markets
Lucio Milanovich, VP Finance - Portfolio Support
Sean Makins, VP - Data Science
Michael Young, VP - Technology Strategy
Sean Hughes, Associate - Data Science

Adam McAskill, Associate - Data Science

Finance and Legal

Pierre J. Schuurmans, Partner and COO
Peter Zissis, CFO
Sandy Guerreiro, Vice President
Leah Guion, Manager, Finance

Michelle Campbell, Manager, Finance