We hire individuals for the Associate position who have at least two years work experience, typically from a leading investment bank or consulting firm. Associates at Birch Hill participate in all aspects of the investment process, including deal sourcing, due diligence, business analysis, deal execution, and ongoing portfolio company support. We generally hire one to two Associates per year through a process that we run each September.

The Associate program lasts two to three years with the opportunity for promotion to the VP position. In addition to the opportunity for internal promotion, our associates have also moved on to MBA programs at Harvard, Wharton, Insead and other top tier universities. Others have taken leadership roles in our portfolio companies.

Key Skills Required

  • Financial Acumen – Comfortable using financial models and frameworks to analyze the financial dynamics of various organizations. Can express an organization’s performance through error free numerical analysis.
  • Data Search and Interpretation – Persistent and resourceful in finding industry and company information. Can translate voluminous data into valuable information.
  • Priority Setting / Multi-Tasking - Processes information and makes decisions in a fast paced environment. Can effectively manage conflicting demands rather than reacting to them.
  • Communication Skills – Able to articulate complex situations, such as industry dynamics or deal structures, in logical, factual, and clear terms, both verbally and in writing.
  • Interviewing Skills – Can quickly process information and respond appropriately. Can draw key themes and learnings from interviews and relate them to the investment thesis.
  • Working with Others – Inspires professionalism and confidence in relationships within Birch Hill and within investee companies. Maintains intellectual honesty by valuing other’s input and points of view. Pro-actively solicit opinions and ideas.
  • Initiative - Expand the scope of assigned research and/or analysis when appropriate by suggesting and undertaking related activities.