Birch Hill Equity Partners is pleased to announce an investment in RJ McCarthy LP

Toronto, August, 2008 − Birch Hill Equity Partners announces that is has made an investment in RJ McCarthy LP (“McCarthy’s”). This is the eleventh investment made through its $850 million fund, Birch Hill Equity Partners III, LP.

McCarthy’s has been manufacturing school uniforms and outfitting students for over half a century. Their innovative approach to the design and implementation of uniform programs has enabled schools throughout Canada to adopt a uniform look that reflects the pride that students, parents, and administrators feel about their school.

McCarthy’s has 14 showrooms across Ontario, and 1 in Vancouver, B.C. with plans to expand, as opportunities to growth present themselves. Each showroom, open year round, is conveniently located close to the specific school community it services, and each carries a full stock of all proximal schools’ specific embroidered inventory. These showrooms offer convenient one-stop shopping and personalized service from trained and friendly personnel.

State-of-the-art in-house embroidery and art services allow McCarthy’s to provide logo designs and embroidery for all uniform items. This minimizes the costs and turnaround times generally associated with out-sourcing, and more efficiently manages inventory levels as well as ensuring the highest level of quality.

“The industry has grown and is expected to continue to grow at more than 5% per year, as school uniforms improve campus safety and enhance educational outcomes for students” said Birch Hill partner John MacIntyre. “With a long track record of profitable organic and acquisitive growth, McCarthy’s is well positioned to continue to lead in this growing sector.”

Birch Hill Equity Partners invests in leading Canadian middle-market businesses. Birch Hill’s team has many years of experience working together as an active partner with top management teams in building long term value.


Pierre Schuurmans
Birch Hill Equity Partners Management Inc.