Chemistry and commitment

Because of our long term relationship with our partner companies, fit is very important to us, and we feel it should be to you as well. You want to be sure that your investing partner will fit with the culture of your organization and will deliver on the commitments they make. After more than a decade of building relationships on chemistry and commitment we offer a few tips on how to choose a private equity partner:

  1. Be clear about the type of relationship you are seeking and the degree of control you are willing to share
  2. Interview several private equity firms
  3. Ask for a thorough list of the investments each has made and their corresponding CEOs
  4. Contact 5-10 CEOs of your choice in both well-performing and poorly-performing companies to determine what contribution the firm made to the business results
  5. Rank the firms on their likely value delivery
  6. Negotiate the investment with a view to fair price

"Yes they're really smart, but there are a lot of smart people in this business. What makes the biggest difference is their chemistry and their commitment" - Current Limited Partner

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